MGHalofit: Modified Gravity extension of Halofit

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MGHalofit: Modified Gravity extension of Halofit

Post by owlice » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:04 pm

MGHalofit: Modified Gravity extension of Halofit

Abstract: MGHalofit is a modified gravity extension of the fitting formula for the matter power spectrum of <a href="">HALOFIT</a> and its improvement by Takahashi et al. MGHalofit is implemented in <a href="">MGCAMB</a>, which is based on <a href="">CAMB</a>. MGHalofit calculates the nonlinear matter power spectrum P(k) for the Hu-Sawicki model. Comparing MGHalofit predictions at various redshifts (z<=1) to the f(R) simulations, the accuracy on P(k) is 6% at k<1 h/Mpc and 12% at 1<k<10 h/Mpc respectively.

Credit: Zhao, Gong-Bo

Site: ... id=2&id=10

Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft02035Z

Preferred citation method:,, and

ID: ascl:1402.035
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