PISA: Position Intensity and Shape Analysis

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PISA: Position Intensity and Shape Analysis

Post by Ada Coda » Wed May 28, 2014 3:35 pm

PISA: Position Intensity and Shape Analysis

Abstract: PISA (Position, Intensity and Shape Analysis) routines deal with the location and parameterization of objects on an image frame. The core of this package is the routine PISAFIND which performs image analysis on a 2-dimensional data frame. The program searches the data array for objects that have a minimum number of connected pixels above a given threshold and extracts the image parameters (position, intensity, shape) for each object. The image parameters can be determined using thresholding techniques or an analytical stellar profile can be used to fit the objects. In crowded regions deblending of overlapping sources can be performed. PISA is distributed as part of the Starlink software collection (ascl:1110.012).

Credit: Draper, Peter W.; Eaton, Nicholas; Irwin, Mike

Site: http://www.starlink.ac.uk/docs/sun109.htx/sun109.html

Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft05012D

ID: ascl:1405.012
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