PARSEC: PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays

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PARSEC: PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:18 pm

PARSEC: PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays

Abstract: PARSEC (PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays) is a simulation engine for fast generation of ultra-high energy cosmic ray data based on parameterizations of common assumptions of UHECR origin and propagation. Implemented are deflections in unstructured turbulent extragalactic fields, energy losses for protons due to photo-pion production and electron-pair production, as well as effects from the expansion of the universe. Additionally, a simple model to estimate propagation effects from iron nuclei is included. Deflections in the Galactic magnetic field are included using a matrix approach with precalculated lenses generated from backtracked cosmic rays. The PARSEC program is based on object oriented programming paradigms enabling users to extend the implemented models and is steerable with a graphical user interface.

Credit: Bretz, Hans-Peter; Erdmann, Martin; Schiffer, Peter; Walz, David; Winchen, Tobias

Site: ... /index.php

Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft02005B

Preferred citation method: and preferably also to as online reference

ID: ascl:1502.005
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