HLINOP: Hydrogen LINe OPacity in stellar atmospheres

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HLINOP: Hydrogen LINe OPacity in stellar atmospheres

Post by Ada Coda » Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:43 pm

HLINOP: Hydrogen LINe OPacity in stellar atmospheres

Abstract: HLINOP is a collection of codes for computing hydrogen line profiles and opacities in the conditions typical of stellar atmospheres. It includes HLINOP for approximate quick calculation of any line of neutral hydrogen (suitable for model atmosphere calculations), based on the Fortran code of Kurucz and Peterson found in ATLAS9. It also includes HLINPROF, for detailed, accurate calculation of lower Balmer line profiles (suitable for detailed analysis of Balmer lines) and HBOP, to implement the occupation probability formalism of Daeppen, Anderson and Milhalas (1987) and thus account for the merging of bound-bound and bound-free opacity (used often as a wrapper to HLINOP for model atmosphere calculations).

Credit: Barklem, P. S.; Piskunov, N.

Site: https://github.com/barklem/hlinop

Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft07008B

Preferred citation method: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.50215

ID: ascl:1507.008
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