COLAcode: COmoving Lagrangian Acceleration code

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COLAcode: COmoving Lagrangian Acceleration code

Post by Ada Coda » Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:03 am

COLAcode: COmoving Lagrangian Acceleration code

Abstract: COLAcode is a serial particle mesh-based N-body code illustrating the COLA (COmoving Lagrangian Acceleration) method; it solves for Large Scale Structure (LSS) in a frame that is comoving with observers following trajectories calculated in Lagrangian Perturbation Theory (LPT). It differs from standard N-body code by trading accuracy at small-scales to gain computational speed without sacrificing accuracy at large scales. This is useful for generating large ensembles of accurate mock halo catalogs required to study galaxy clustering and weak lensing; such catalogs are needed to perform detailed error analysis for ongoing and future surveys of LSS.

Credit: Tassev, Svetlin V.


Bibcode: 2016ascl.soft02021T

Preferred citation method:

ID: ascl:1602.021
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