PyPHER: Python-based PSF Homogenization kERnels

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PyPHER: Python-based PSF Homogenization kERnels

Post by Ada Coda » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:11 pm

PyPHER: Python-based PSF Homogenization kERnels

Abstract: PyPHER (Python-based PSF Homogenization kERnels) computes an homogenization kernel between two PSFs; the code is well-suited for PSF matching applications in both an astronomical or microscopy context. It can warp (rotation + resampling) the PSF images (if necessary), filter images in Fourier space using a regularized Wiener filter, and produce a homogenization kernel. PyPHER requires the pixel scale information to be present in the FITS files, which can if necessary be added by using the provided ADDPIXSCL method.

Credit: Boucaud, Alexandre; Bocchio, Marco; Abergel, Alain; Orieux, François; Dole, Hervé; Amine Hadj-Youcef, Mohamed


Bibcode: 2016ascl.soft09022B

Preferred citation method: and

ID: ascl:1609.022
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