Piccard: Pulsar timing data analysis package

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Piccard: Pulsar timing data analysis package

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:20 am

Piccard: Pulsar timing data analysis package

Abstract: Piccard is a Bayesian-inference pipeline for Pulsar Timing Array (PTA) data and interacts with Tempo2 (ascl:1210.015) through libstempo (ascl:2002.017). The code is used mainly for single-pulsar analysis and gravitational-wave detection purposes of full Pulsar Timing Array datasets. Modeling of the data can include correlated signals per frequency or modeled spectrum, with uniform, dipolar, quadrupolar, or anisotropic correlations; multiple error bars and EFACs per pulsar; and white and red noise. Timing models can be numerically included, either by using the design matrix (linear timing model), or by calling libstempo for the full non-linear timing model. Many types of samplers are included. For common-mode mitigation, the signals can be reconstructed mitigating arbitrary signals simultaneously.

Credit: van Haasteren, Rutger

Site: https://github.com/vhaasteren/piccard

Bibcode: 2016ascl.soft10001V

ID: ascl:1610.001
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