IMNN: Information Maximizing Neural Networks

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IMNN: Information Maximizing Neural Networks

Post by Ada Coda » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:25 am

IMNN: Information Maximizing Neural Networks

Abstract: This software trains artificial neural networks to find non-linear functionals of data that maximize Fisher information: information maximizing neural networks (IMNNs). As compressing large data sets vastly simplifies both frequentist and Bayesian inference, important information may be inadvertently missed. Likelihood-free inference based on automatically derived IMNN summaries produces summaries that are good approximations to sufficient statistics. IMNNs are robustly capable of automatically finding optimal, non-linear summaries of the data even in cases where linear compression fails: inferring the variance of Gaussian signal in the presence of noise, inferring cosmological parameters from mock simulations of the Lyman-α forest in quasar spectra, and inferring frequency-domain parameters from LISA-like detections of gravitational waveforms. In this final case, the IMNN summary outperforms linear data compression by avoiding the introduction of spurious likelihood maxima.

Credit: Charnock, Tom; Lavaux, Guilhem; Wandelt, Benjamin D.


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft04014C

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ID: ascl:1804.014
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