SPEX: Spectral Executive

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SPEX: Spectral Executive

Post by Ada Coda » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:29 pm

SPEX: Spectral Executive

Abstract: SPEX provides a uniform interface suitable for the X-ray spectral analysis of a number of solar (or other) instruments in the X and Gamma Ray energy ranges. Part of the SolarSoft (ascl:1208.013) library, this package is suitable for any datastream which can be placed in the form of response vs interval where the response is usually a counting rate (spectrum) and the interval is normally an accumulation over time. Together with an algorithm which can be used to relate a model input spectrum to the observed response, generally a response matrix, the dataset is amenable to analysis with this package. Currently the data from a large number of instruments, including SMM (HXRBS, GRS Gamma, GRS X1, and GRS X2), Yohkoh (HXT, HXS, GRS, and SXT,) CGRO (BATSE SPEC and BATSE LAD), WIND (TGRS), HIREX, and NEAR (PIN). SPEX's next generation software is available in OSPEX (ascl:2007.018), an object-oriented package that is also part of and dependent on SolarSoft.

Credit: Schwartz, Richard A.

Site: https://www.lmsal.com/solarsoft/

Bibcode: 2020ascl.soft07017S

ID: ascl:2007.017
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