RRATtrap: Rotating Radio Transient identifier

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RRATtrap: Rotating Radio Transient identifier

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Nov 30, 2020 4:03 am

RRATtrap: Rotating Radio Transient identifier

Abstract: RRATtrap is a single-pulse sifting algorithm to identify Rotating Radio Transients (RRATs) and transients using output from the PRESTO (ascl:1107.017) routine single_pulse_search.py. It can be integrated into pulsar survey data analysis pipelines and, in addition to finding RRATs, it can also identify Fast Radio Bursts.

Credit: Karako-Argaman, C.; Kaspi, V. M.; Lynch, R. S.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Kondratiev, V. I.; McLaughlin, M. A.; Ransom, S. M.; Archibald, A. M.; Boyles, J.; Jenet, F. A.; Kaplan, D. L.; Levin, L.; Lorimer, D. R.; Madsen, E. C.; Roberts, M. S. E.; Siemens, X.; Stairs, I. H.; Stovall, K.; Swiggum, J. K.; van Leeuwen, J.

Site: https://github.com/ckarako/RRATtrap

Bibcode: 2020ascl.soft11017K

ID: ascl:2011.017
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