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DviSukta: Spherically Averaged Bispectrum calculator

Post by Ada Coda » Wed Jul 14, 2021 2:54 pm

DviSukta: Spherically Averaged Bispectrum calculator

Abstract: DviSukta calculates the Spherically Averaged Bispectrum (SABS). The code is based on an optimized direct estimation method, is written in C, and is parallelized. The code starts by reading the real space gridded data and performing a 3D Fourier transform of it. Alternatively, it starts by reading the data already in Fourier space. The grid spacing, number of k1 bins, number of n bins, and number of cos(theta) bins need to be specified in the input file.

Credit: Mondal, Rajesh; Mellema, Garrelt; Shaw, Abinash Kumar; Kamran, Mohd; Majumdar, Suman

Site: https://github.com/rajeshmondal18/DviSukta
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