eMCP: e-MERLIN CASA pipeline

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eMCP: e-MERLIN CASA pipeline

Post by Ada Coda » Wed Sep 29, 2021 1:47 am

eMCP: e-MERLIN CASA pipeline

Abstract: The e-MERLIN CASA Pipeline calibrates and processes data from the e-MERLIN radio interferometer. It works on top of CASA (ascl:1107.013) and can convert, concatenate, prepare, flag and calibrate raw to produce advanced calibrated products for both continuum and spectral line data. The main outputs of the data are calibration tables, calibrated data, assessment plots, preliminary images of target and calibrator sources and a summary weblog. The pipeline provides an easy, ready-to-use toolkit that delivers calibrated data in a consistent, clear, and repeatable way. A parameters file is used to control the pipeline execution, so optimization of the algorithms is straightforward and reproducible. Good quality images are usually obtained with minimum human intervention.

Credit: Moldon, Javier

Site: https://github.com/e-merlin/eMERLIN_CASA_pipeline

Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft09006M

ID: ascl:2109.006

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