STAR-MELT: STellar AccrRtion Mapping with Emission Line Tomography

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STAR-MELT: STellar AccrRetion Mapping with Emission Line Tomography

Post by Ada Coda » Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:59 pm

STAR-MELT: STellar AccrRetion Mapping with Emission Line Tomography

Abstract: STAR-MELT extracts and identifies emission lines from FITS files by matching to a compiled reference database of lines. Line profiles are fitted and quantified, allowing for calculations of physical properties across each individual observation. Temporal variations in lines can readily be displayed and quantified. STAR-MELT is also useful for different applications of spectral analysis where emission line identification is required. Standard data formats for spectra are automatically compatible, with user-defined custom formats also available. Any reference database (atomic or molecular) can also be used for line identification.

Credit: Campbell-White, Justy; Sicilia-Aguilar, Aurora; Manara, Carlo F.; Matsumura, Soko; Fang, Min; Frasca, Antonio; Roccatagliata, Veronica


Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft09012C

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ID: ascl:2109.012
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