GLoBES: General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator

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GLoBES: General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator

Post by Ada Coda » Wed Sep 29, 2021 10:51 pm

GLoBES: General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator

Abstract: GLoBES simulates long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments. The package features full incorporation of correlations and degeneracies in the oscillation parameter space, advanced routines for the treatment of arbitrary systematical errors, and user-defined priors, which allowsn for the inclusion of arbitrary external physical information. Its use of AEDL, the Abstract Experiment Definition Language, provides an easy way to define experimental setups. GLoBES also provides an interface for the simulation of non-standard physics, and offers predefined setups for many experiments, including Superbeams, Beta Beams, Neutrino factories, Reactors, and various detector technologies.

Credit: Huber, Patrick; Kopp, Joachim; Lindner, Manfred; Winter, Walter


Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft09018H

Preferred citation method: and; please see additional citation information here: ... ation.html

ID: ascl:2109.018

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