WE20210529: This week in the ASCL

It sometimes surprises me how much work there is around the ASCL rather than on it. Back in 2010 when I started working on this resource, pretty much all I did was add code entries, one after another, every evening after work and on weekends. (At least it seemed that way.) Now, a lot of the work I do is related to the ASCL, as it’s on software issues (discoverability, citation, metadata, and so on) and other tasks such as coordinating and participating in meetings, but not actually on the ASCL itself.

So it was this past week. Since the previous week had both ASCL Advisory Committee (AC) and Scicodes meetings and this past week had a FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation CodeMeta Task Force meeting, this week involved work related to these three meetings. For example, Daniel Garijo, Hervé Menager, Lorraine Hwang, and I wrote and submitted an abstract for the PeerJ Computer Science call for papers for a special issue on software citation, indexing, and discoverability, determined how we would work together, and set up our online space for this work. Now all we have to do is write the paper! Daniel, Hervé, and Lorraine are leading this effort, though I will help out, as will others. I also met with a few AC members to talk more about our strategic plans.

Still, ten existing entries were curated, mostly through determining daily random code social media posts for the first week of June, which will be staged later this weekend, and a few through our regular examination of entries. Two author-submitted codes were assigned ASCL IDs along with one other code, and three entries were added to our staging area. This weekend, I’ll be processing staged entries to get them into production, and also will be adding that lovely find of a few weeks ago, the PFITS code from 1990.

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