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[ascl:1310.004] AIRY: Astronomical Image Restoration in interferometrY

AIRY simulates optical and near-infrared interferometric observations; it can also perform subsequent image restoration or deconvolution. It is based on the CAOS (ascl:1106.017) Problem Solving Environment. Written in IDL, it consists of a set of specific modules, each handling a particular task.

Code site:
Used in:
http://2014SPIE.9146E..2SL, http://2014A&A...566A.129A, http://2015NewA...40....1P
Described in:
http://2001ASPC..238..404C, http://2002A&A...387..733C, http://2012SPIE.8445E..3EL, http://2014SPIE.9148E..4UC

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