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Results 1001-1250 of 2032 (2002 ASCL, 30 submitted)

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[ascl:1306.012] LRG DR7 Likelihood Software
[ascl:1206.009] Libimf
[submitted] KERN
[ascl:1607.010] K2PS: K2 Planet search
[ascl:1601.021] ISO: Isochrone construction
[ascl:1312.003] IMCOM: IMage COMbination
[ascl:1302.009] IAS Stacking Library in IDL
[ascl:1707.001] HRM: HII Region Models
[ascl:1607.019] HIDE: HI Data Emulator
[submitted] HaloAnalysis
[ascl:1402.031] gyrfalcON: N-body code

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