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[submitted] ASTROPOP, the ASTROnomical Polarimetry and Photometry pipeline

We present you the AstroPoP. An astronomical data reduction pipeline develop to deal with standard image photometry and polarimetry data. It is primary written to reduce the IAGPOL polarimeter data, installed at Observatório Pico dos Dias, Brazil, but due its modularity, it can be easily used to reduce almost any CCD photometry and image polarimetry data. For the photometry reducing, the code is capable to perform source finding, aperture and PSF photometry, astrometry calibration using different automated and non-automated methods and automated source identification and magnitude calibration based on online and local catalogs. For polarimetry, the code is capable to resolve linear and circular Stokes parameters produced by image beam splitter or polarizer polarimeters. In addition to the modular functions, ready-to-use pipelines based in configuration files and header keys are also provided with the code. The code is written in a pure-Python philosophy, being ultra-portable, and its distributed under the 3 clause BSD license.