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Where do they come from? ASCL pageviews by country

Idly browsing through Google Analytics statistics on the ASCL, I pulled out pageviews by country, these just of the ASCL forum on Asterisk for this month so far. Of the 4,843 pageviews, 1,939 (40%) are from the US, which means of course that 60% are not. People from eighty-three countries have accessed the code entries forum; I’ve tagged the pie slices below of the ten countries with at least 2% of the total pageviews. Click on the pie to see the chart at full size.

March pageviews by country, as of 3/25/2013

March pageviews by Country, as of 3/25/2013


Now at 500 codes!

Sometimes the codes are easy to find, sometimes they are not. August was a good month. The last of the old codes have been moved over from the old site, associate editor Kim and I had a surprisingly easy time finding codes, and we even had a couple or three codes submitted by their authors. This boosted the ASCL to 500 codes.

Got codes? We want ’em; please share! Submit right on the ASCL itself. Know of a code we don’t have? Please suggest it for inclusion. Just post a reply with any information you have on it. Thanks!