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[submitted] pyExoRaMa: an interactive tool to investigate the radius-mass diagram for exoplanets

We present the python version of the software originally developed with Mathematica by Li Zeng (reference in the Paper).

The code represents a very useful tool for visualizing and manipulating data related to extrasolar planets (or exoplanets, i.e., planets discovered in orbit around stars different from the Sun) and their host stars in a multi-dimensional parameter space. Its versatility enables statistical studies based on the large and constantly increasing number of detected exoplanets, to identify possible interdependence among several physical parameters, and to compare observables with theoretical models describing the exoplanet composition and structure.

Our transposition to python presents some new features with respect to the original version, and due to the popularity of python in the astrophysics community, the tool is made accessible by a larger number of users interested in exoplanet studies.

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