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[ascl:1406.006] FROG: Time-series analysis
[ascl:1510.005] GALFORM: Galactic modeling
[ascl:1509.008] GFARGO: FARGO for GPU
[ascl:1004.001] GIM2D: Galaxy IMage 2D
[ascl:1303.020] Ginga: Flexible FITS viewer
[ascl:2001.015] gnm: The MCMC Jagger
[ascl:1210.003] GOSSIP: SED fitting code
[ascl:1402.031] gyrfalcON: N-body code
[ascl:1607.019] HIDE: HI Data Emulator
[ascl:1909.012] HISS: HI spectra stacker
[ascl:1707.001] HRM: HII Region Models
[ascl:1302.009] IAS Stacking Library in IDL
[ascl:1911.011] IDG: Image Domain Gridding

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