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[ascl:1612.008] PyORBIT: Exoplanet orbital parameters and stellar activity

PyORBIT handles several kinds of datasets, such as radial velocity (RV), activity indexes, and photometry, to simultaneously characterize the orbital parameters of exoplanets and the noise induced by the activity of the host star. RV computation is performed using either non-interacting Kepler orbits or n-body integration. Stellar activity can be modeled either with sinusoids at the rotational period and its harmonics or Gaussian process. In addition, the code can model offsets and systematics in measurements from several instruments. The PyORBIT code is modular; new methods for stellar activity modeling or parameter estimation can easily be incorporated into the code.

[submitted] CCFpams: Atmospheric Stellar Parameters from Cross-Correlation Functions

CCFpams is a novel approach that allows the measurement of stellar temperature, metallicity and gravity within a few seconds and in a completely automated fashion. Rather than performing comparisons with spectral libraries, our technique is based on the determination of several cross-correlation functions (CCFs) obtained by including spectral features with different sensitivity to the photospheric parameters. We use literature stellar parameters of high signal-to-noise (SNR), high-resolution HARPS spectra of FGK Main Sequence stars to calibrate the stellar parameters as a function of CCF areas. For FGK stars we achieve a precision of 50K in temperature, 0.09 dex in gravity and 0.035 dex in metallicity at SNR=50 while the precision for observation with SNR>100 and the overall accuracy are constrained by the literature values used to calibrate the CCFs.