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[submitted] CCFpams: Atmospheric Stellar Parameters from Cross-Correlation Functions

CCFpams is a novel approach that allows the measurement of stellar temperature, metallicity and gravity within a few seconds and in a completely automated fashion. Rather than performing comparisons with spectral libraries, our technique is based on the determination of several cross-correlation functions (CCFs) obtained by including spectral features with different sensitivity to the photospheric parameters. We use literature stellar parameters of high signal-to-noise (SNR), high-resolution HARPS spectra of FGK Main Sequence stars to calibrate the stellar parameters as a function of CCF areas. For FGK stars we achieve a precision of 50K in temperature, 0.09 dex in gravity and 0.035 dex in metallicity at SNR=50 while the precision for observation with SNR>100 and the overall accuracy are constrained by the literature values used to calibrate the CCFs.

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