February 2015 additions to the ASCL

Twenty-three codes were added in February, 2015:

ADAM: All-Data Asteroid Modeling
AMIsurvey: Calibration and imaging pipeline for radio data
AstroLines: Astrophysical line list generator in the H-band
Camelus: Counts of Amplified Mass Elevations from Lensing with Ultrafast Simulations
HDS: Hierarchical Data System

KAPPA: Optically thin spectra synthesis for non-Maxwellian kappa-distributions
ketu: Exoplanet candidate search code
libnova: Celestial mechanics, astrometry and astrodynamics library
Magnetron: Fitting bursts from magnetars
MaLTPyNT: Quick look timing analysis for NuSTAR data

Montblanc: GPU accelerated Radio Interferometer Measurement Equations in support of Bayesian Inference for Radio Observations
nbody6tt: Tidal tensors in N-body simulations
NGenIC: Cosmological structure initial conditions
OpenOrb: Open-source asteroid orbit computation software
PARSEC: PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays

PolyChord: Nested sampling for cosmology
PyBDSM: Python Blob Detection and Source Measurement
Rabacus: Analytic Cosmological Radiative Transfer Calculations
RH 1.5D: Polarized multi-level radiative transfer with partial frequency distribution
ROBOSPECT: Width fitting program

SPHGR: Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Galaxy Reduction
XFGLENSES: Gravitational lens visualizer
XPCell: Convective plasma cells simulator

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