Experiment with building your own software registry/repository

The ASCL is offering clones of its infrastructure for any group or discipline wanting to build a code registry or repository of its own, with control of the new resource residing with the requesting parties. If you would like to build your own software resource, you can take our infrastructure, configure it as you like, and use it.

Specifically, we’re offering to:

  • clone the ASCL infrastructure to your domain name
  • host the infrastructure for at least three years (if you’d like) at MTU
  • share innovations on ASCL with those who accept this offer
  • maintain the host
  • let you move your site elsewhere with data intact

We would expect you to:

  • pay for/provide a domain name
  • have control over the site and configure it for your own use
  • use the site for a software repository/registry
  • gather ye codes as ye may
  • share innovations on the site with the ASCL and others who accept this offer
  • not do anything harmful to MTU’s computing environment is built using these open source tools:

  • mySQL
  • WordPress
  • phpbb
  • CodeIgniter

Interested? Let us know at or comment below.

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