Changes on the ASCL, #1

As we mentioned back in June 2018, ASCL editors had been examining the papers listed in the Appears in field and disambiguating these into new Described in and Used in fields, this to better capture the relationship of a mentioned article to the software. Disambiguated links have been appearing in ADS since May 2018, as you can see in this example, with the ASCL entry (as it had been) on the left, and the (classic) ADS screen display on the right:

We completed the disambiguation process earlier this month, and now with the completion of that project, our excellent developer/designer Judy Schmidt (@SpaceGeck) has changed the ASCL entry screen slightly; it now displays the Described in and Used in fields rather than the ambiguous Appears in field.

The entry has changed from this:

to this:

Screenshot showing code entry screen with described in and used in fields

Our reports and data feeds, such as to Web of Science’s DCI and the JSON data dump, have also been changed to show the Described in and Used in fields.

We have a few more screens and forms to change, such as the Submit form, and when these other changes have taken place, we will let you know in another blog post that will be cleverly titled Changes on the ASCL, #2.

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