December additions to the ASCL

Twenty codes were added to the ASCL in December 2019:

anesthetic: Nested sampling visualization
ASKAPsoft: ASKAP science data processor software
AstroAccelerate: Accelerated software package for processing time-domain radio astronomy data
Athena++: Radiation GR magnetohydrodynamics code
casacore: Suite of C++ libraries for radio astronomy data processing

DALiuGE: Data Activated Liu Graph Engine
Enterprise: Enhanced Numerical Toolbox Enabling a Robust PulsaR Inference SuitE
FORSTAND: Flexible ORbit Superposition Toolbox for ANalyzing Dynamical models
GAME: GAlaxy Machine learning for Emission lines
GriSPy: Fixed-radius nearest neighbors grid search in Python

GWpy: Python package for studying data from gravitational-wave detectors
HARMPI: 3D massively parallel general relativictic MHD code
HSIM: HARMONI simulation pipeline
MRExo: Non-parametric mass-radius relationship for exoplanets
Polyspectrum: Computing polyspectra using an FFT estimator

PopSyCLE: Population Synthesis for Compact object Lensing Events
PTMCMCSampler: Parallel tempering MCMC sampler package written in Python
QSOSIM: Simulated Quasar Spectrum Generator
STACKER: Stack sources in interferometric data
Tangos: Framework and web interface for database-driven analysis of numerical structure formation simulations

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