WE 20210306: This week in the ASCL

This past week has been pretty busy, with a presentation at SIAM’s CSE21 meeting on Wednesday and attendance at other software-related sessions. Eight new code entries were moved into production, three new entries staged, and code authors submitted seven new entries that will be worked on in the coming week.

Social media random code entries have been scheduled through March 17, and the forum and blog updated with February’s code entries. Curation and/or archival work was performed on or for 15 holdings; this included updating some entries with preferred citation information, updating links, and adding keywords, and downloading new versions of software that had been updated since we last downloaded it. Correspondence was sent to at least 24 authors.

In addition to working on newly-submitted codes, this coming week will include work on a presentation that will be given later this month, and progress on our NASA project continues.

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