WE20211106: This week in the ASCL

This past week, fourteen new code entries were put into production, fourteen entries were curated, and three entries were staged. We also sent numerous emails to code authors. We’ve been working on increasing the number of codes added every month, and that effort is paying off, as you can see in the graph (from our dashboard) below. In 2017-2020, we averaged 21 codes/month; this year so far, we’re averaging almost 28 new entries/month.

histogram showing number of codes added each year, with the column for 2021 showing an increase over the previous three years

We currently provide all of our public data in JSON and individual entries in both CITATION.cff and codemeta.json. This past week, we had some discussion with one of our developers about making all of our public data available in codemeta.json. We don’t have a date for doing this yet, but perhaps will make this change in time for the January AAS meeting.

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