November 2021 additions to the ASCL

Eighteen codes were added to the ASCL in November:

astroDDPM: Realistic galaxy simulation via score-based generative models
Astrosat: Satellite transit calculator
CEvNS: Calculate Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering cross sections and recoil spectra
COCOPLOT: COlor COllapsed PLOTting software
CoLoRe: Cosmological Lofty Realization
flatstar: Make 2d intensity maps of limb-darkened stars

gCMCRT: 3D Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer for exoplanet atmospheres using GPUs
GWToolbox: Gravitational wave observation simulator
JAX: Autograd and XLA
LEGWORK: LISA Evolution and Gravitational Wave ORbit Kit
Nii: Multidimensional posterior distributions framework
NLopt: Nonlinear optimization library

p-winds: Python implementation of Parker wind models for planetary atmospheres
prose: FITS images processing pipeline
PSwarm: Global optimization solver for bound and linear constrained problems
pySYD: Measuring global asteroseismic parameters
SteParSyn: Stellar atmospheric parameters using the spectral synthesis method
UniMAP: Unicorn Multi-window Anomaly Detection Pipeline

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