WE20211204: This week in the ASCL

It was a loud week at ASCL Central, what with a backhoe and a couple of Bobcats working outside, so I decamped to my office at UMD for a couple of days to get away from the noise and, especially, the diesel exhaust. It was also a productive week, with eighteen entries added to the ASCL, two records curated, and notification emails sent out. I submitted my proceedings paper for ADASS. A paper submitted in September came back from review, and we’ve started a series of writing sprints to address the reviewers’ concerns; the paper will be resubmitted before the end of the year. I also did some organizing work to prepare for this coming week’s FORCE2021 Hackathons; the SciCodes consortium hopes to make progress on several items during this event, which will be held on Monday and Friday. Come join us!

A very muddy backyard with a backhoe in it

In the dawn’s early light, a lot of mud.

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