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[submitted] ALminer: ALMA archive mining and visualization toolkit

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is the most advanced astronomical interferometer, operating in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength regime. Since the start of its operations in 2011, ALMA has contributed to major breakthroughs in astronomy across a wide range of scientific topics, from detailed studies of Solar System objects to the origin and evolution of galaxies across Cosmic Time. ALMA observes hundreds of targets per year at high spatial and spectral resolutions, both in continuum and molecular lines. As part of its legacy, every observed ALMA project is added to its public science archive, with more than 1 PB of data residing on the archive as of 2020. While bearing an enormous potential, the large volume and complexity of these datasets hamper the systematic exploitation of its vast archive.

ALminer is a novel Python-based code that enables users to efficiently query, analyse, and visualize the ALMA Science Archive. Users can programmatically query the archive for positions, target names, or any other keywords in the archive metadata (e.g. proposal title, abstract, scientific category) in a simple way. ALminer's plotting routines allow the query results to be visualised, and its analysis functions allow users to filter the results and check whether certain frequencies of interest are covered in the queried observations. The code also allows users to directly download ALMA data products in FITS format and/or the raw data that can be used for manual image processing. ALminer has been designed to make mining the ALMA archive as simple as possible, while being flexible to be customised according to the user's scientific interests. The code is released with a detailed tutorial Jupyter notebook, introducing ALminer's common functions as well as some of its more advanced options.

ALminer is a collaboration between Allegro, the ALMA Regional Centre in The Netherlands, and the University of Vienna (Austria) as part of the EMERGE ERC-StG project. With the public release of this new software, our goal is to provide the astronomical community with a new easy-to-use toolkit that facilitates the scientific exploitation of the rich ALMA science archive.