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[ascl:2105.012] orvara: Orbits from Radial Velocity, Absolute, and/or Relative Astrometry

orvara (Orbits from Radial Velocity, Absolute, and/or Relative Astrometry) fits orbits of bright stars and their faint companions (exoplanets, brown dwarfs, white dwarfs, and low-mass stars). It can use any combination of radial velocity, relative astrometry, and absolute astrometry data and offers a variety of plots from the orbital fit, such as the radial velocity orbit over an extended time baseline, position angle between two companions, and a density plot of the predicted position at a chosen epoch. orvara can also check convergence of fitted parameters in the HDU1 extension, save the results from the fitted and inferred parameters from the HDU1 extension, and plot the results of a three-body or multiple-body fit.

[ascl:2405.013] LTdwarfIndices: Variable brown dwarf identifier

LTdwarfIndices studies spectral indices to determine whether one or more brown dwarfs are photometric variable candidates. For a single brown dwarf, it analyzes a given set of indices and outputs the number of graphs the object appears in in the variable area, whether it is a variable or non-variable candidate, and, optionally, an index-index or histogram plot. Using another code module, LTdwarftIndices can also analyze a set of sample indices for many brown dwarfs.