January 2024 additions to the ASCL

Twenty codes were added to the ASCL in January, 2024:

baryon-sweep: Outlier rejection algorithm for JWST/NIRSpec IFS data
CosmosCanvas: Useful color maps for different astrophysical properties
CRR: Convex Ridge Regularizer
DARC: Dirac Atomic R-matrix Codes
deal.II: Finite element library

escatter: Electron scattering in Python
Harmonic: Learnt harmonic mean estimator
LoRD: Locate Reconnection Distribution
LoSoTo: LOFAR solutions tool
LUNA: Forward model luna simulator

maskfill: Fill in masked values in an image
ostrich: Surrogate modeling using PCA and Gaussian process interpolation
pyPETaL: A Pipeline for Estimating AGN Time Lags
QuantifAI: Radio interferometric imaging reconstruction with scalable Bayesian uncertainty quantification
Rayleigh: Pseudo-spectral MHD

SolarKAT: Solar imaging pipeline for MeerKAT
StructureFunction: Bayesian estimation of the AGN structure function for Poisson data
SYSNet: Neural Network modeling of imaging systematics in galaxy surveys
tidalspin: Constrain black hole spins using relativistic tidal forces properties
tomso: TOols for Models of Stars and their Oscillations

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