March 2024 additions to the ASCL

Sixteen codes were added to the ASCL in March, 2024:

BTSbot: Automated identification of supernovae with multi-modal deep learning
CLASS-PT: Nonlinear perturbation theory extension of the Boltzmann code CLASS
DensityFieldTools: Manipulating density fields and measuring power spectra and bispectra
DistClassiPy: Distance-based light curve classification

FitCov: Fitted Covariance generation
fkpt: Compute LCDM and modified gravity perturbation theory using fk-kernels
kinematic_scaleheight: Infer the vertical distribution of clouds in the solar neighborhood
LtU-ILI: Robust machine learning in astro

MINDS: Hybrid pipeline for the reduction of JWST/MIRI-MRS data
OneLoopBispectrum: Computation of the one-loop bispectrum of galaxies in redshift space
Poke: Polarization ray tracing and Gaussian beamlet module for Python
pycorr: Two-point correlation function estimation

Pylians3: Libraries to analyze numerical simulations in Python 3
Pynkowski: Minkowski functionals and other higher order statistics
s4cmb: Systematics For Cosmic Microwave Background
URecon: Reconstruct initial conditions of N-Body simulations

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