April 2024 additions to the ASCL

Thirty codes were added to the ASCL in April, 2024:

astroNN: Deep learning for astronomers with Tensorflow
BayeSN: NumPyro implementation of BayeSN
binary_precursor: Light curve model of supernova precursors powered by compact object companions
cbeam: Coupled-mode propagator for slowly-varying waveguides
cudisc: CUDA-accelerated 2D code for protoplanetary disc evolution simulations

EBWeyl: Compute the electric and magnetic parts of the Weyl tensor
EffectiveHalos: Matter power spectrum and cluster counts covariance modeler
ExoPlex: Thermodynamically self-consistent mass-radius-composition calculator
GalMOSS: GPU-accelerated Galaxy Profile Fitting
GPUniverse: Quantum fields in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces modeler

jetsimpy: Hydrodynamic model of gamma-ray burst jet and afterglow
KCWIKit: KCWI Post-Processing and Improvements
LensIt: CMB lensing delensing tools
LEO-vetter: Automated vetting for TESS planet candidates
Mean_offset: Photometric image alignment with row and column means

mhealpy: Object-oriented healpy wrapper with support for multi-resolution maps
MLTPC: Machine Learning Telescope Pointing Correction
NbodyIMRI: N-body solver for intermediate-mass ratio inspirals of black holes and dark matter spikes
pAGN: AGN disk model equations solver
Panphasia: Create cosmological and resimulation initial conditions

PIPE: Extracting PSF photometry from CHEOPS data
PolyBin3D: Binned polyspectrum estimation for 3D large-scale structure
pyilc: Needlet ILC in Python
PySSED: Python Stellar Spectral Energy Distributions
RhoPop: Small-planet populations identifier

s2fft: Differentiable and accelerated spherical transforms
stringgen: Scattering based cosmic string emulation
superABC: Cosmological constraints from SN light curves using Approximate Bayesian Computation
TAT: Timing Analysis Toolkit for high-energy pulsar astrophysics
WignerFamilies: Compute families of wigner symbols with recurrence relations

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