Engineering Academic Software at Schloss Dagstuhl

I’m at Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics for a week-long workshop on Engineering Academic Software. Some of the questions we are tackling have been discussed elsewhere, which we are taking into consideration as we talk about them here, and new questions were not only part of the seminar’s original description, but are arising throughout the general and break-out sessions. I would say we’re at the end of the first day but it continues on though it is past 10 PM, with a planned open and vibrant discussion on dogmas past and present. First up for discussion tonight was Agile project management; how do you feel about it? Is this a dogma that needs to be shot or embraced?

The hashtag to follow on Twitter is #dagstuhleas for the full-group discussions; the breakout sessions so far have been too intense for tweeting!

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