WE20210710: This week in the ASCL

This week, six notification emails were sent to code authors, fifteen entries were curated, and three new entries were staged. Associate Editor Kimberly DuPrie maintains one of our link checkers and follows up on bad links. We (and by “we,” I mean primarily Kimberly) do a lot to find sites for software that has gone missing from where it used to be, and most weeks, including this one, she writes to one or more code author asking for a good link to replace the bad.

Sometimes, a software author hasn’t realized the code’s site is down; other times, the author has changed institutions, so a previous site has been wiped out. As I’ve mentioned before, we have downloaded archive files of most of the codes listed in the ASCL; we also often download information related to these codes, including the code website’s HTML files and, where they exist, user manuals. This makes it easy for us to provide these artifacts to authors whose code sites have disappeared. Alternatively, we can create an archive file of the code and the additional information we have and offer it for download if a code author prefers to have the ASCL host the code.

Other work this week was getting a bit of collaborative writing finalized, this with SciCodes participants, and talking with Robert Nemiroff on some ideas for the ASCL’s future. I tried to attend the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group monthly call on Tuesday, but my location on that day had no cell service and wifi that was not up to the task of Zoom, alas; fortunately, the notes from the meeting are online.

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