WE20210717: This week in the ASCL

Advisory Committee Chair Peter Teuben participated in the MODEST-21a AMUSE workshop this past week; he gave a talk on the first day on NEMO and its relation to AMUSE. He also updated the list of codes related to NEMO, including adding ASCL links to the entries that didn’t already have them. Three new code entries were staged, and, perhaps wholly or in part because of Peter’s participation in the AMUSE workshop, six new codes were submitted to the ASCL by their authors. Nine entries were curated, and about a week’s worth of social media posts were scheduled.

SciCodes meetings were this past Thursday, so a good part of my activity this week focused on preparing for that meeting, working on tasks on the SciCodes To Do list, and doing follow-up work after the meeting. We’ve scheduled a couple of writing sprints for a paper we hope to submit to a special issue of PeerJ Computer Science for this next week, and as always, it seems, I am behind on my own writing so plan to work on that this coming week, too.

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