Download and explore ASCL information using our API and ADS

Did you know you can download all the ASCL’s entries? You can! If you want all accepted entries:

If you want particular fields, use an API query. This query brings up ASCL ID, title, bibcode, and when the entry was last updated.,title,bibcode,time_updated

Want only entries that list a preferred citation? This will do it:,title,bibcode,citation_method

Find more info on our API here:

If you’d like to know more about our metadata schema, please see this page: Screenshot of ADS home page with arrow pointing to ADS search box; the search box contains the search term bibstem:"ascl.soft"

You can also search ADS ( for ASCL entries by searching for bibstem:ascl.soft


Click the ADS Explore button on screen right and you can play with all kinds of info about ASCL entries, including citation metrics and concept clouds. Is there something else you’d like to see, another way you’d like ASCL entry data? Please let us know!Screenshot of ADS results page with arrow pointing to ADS Explore button

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