July 2022 additions to the ASCL

Thirty-five codes were added to the ASCL in July 2022:

Analysis of dipole alignment in large-scale distribution of galaxy spin directions
BANZAI: Beautiful Algorithms to Normalize Zillions of Astronomical Images
BAYGAUD: BAYesian GAUssian Decomposer
calviacat: Calibrate star photometry by catalog comparison
casa_cube: Display and analyze astronomical data cubes

ConeRot: Velocity perturbations extractor
cosmic-kite: Auto-encoding the Cosmic Microwave Background
disksurf: Measure the molecular emission surface of protoplanetary disks
DustPy: Simulation of dust evolution in protoplanetary disks
echelle: Dynamic echelle diagrams for asteroseismology

ExoCTK: Exoplanet Characterization Tool Kit
gwdet: Detectability of gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences
Helios-r2: Bayesian nested-sampling retrieval code
LOTUS: 1D Non-LTE stellar parameter determination via Equivalent Width method
massmappy: Mapping dark matter on the celestial sphere

MCFOST: Radiative transfer code
MeSsI: MErging SystemS Identification
MULTIGRIS: Multicomponent probabilistic grid search
MultiModes: Efficiently analyze pulsating stars
MuSCAT2_transit_pipeline: MuSCAT2 photometry and transit analysis pipelines

ParticleGridMapper: Particle data interpolator
pdspy: MCMC tool for continuum and spectral line radiative transfer modeling
petitRADTRANS: Exoplanet spectra calculator
piXedfit: Analyze spatially resolved SEDs of galaxies
pocoMC: Preconditioned Monte Carlo method for accelerated Bayesian inference

pymcfost: pymcfost: Python interface to the MCFOST 3D radiative transfer code
pynucastro: Python interfaces to the nuclear reaction rate databases
Pyriod: Period detection and fitting routines
samsam: Scaled Adaptive Metropolis SAMpler
SolAster: ‘Sun-as-a-star’ radial velocity variations

SSHT: Fast spin spherical harmonic transforms
TESS_PRF: Display the TESS pixel response function
triple-stability: Triple-star system stability determinator
vKompth: Time-dependent Comptonization model for black-hole X-ray binaries
walter: Predictor for the number of resolved stars in a given observation from RST

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