August 2023 additions to the ASCL

Fifteen codes were added to the ASCL in August, 2023:

AstroPhot: Fitting everything everywhere all at once in astronomical images
BCMemu: Model baryonic effects in cosmological simulations
caput: Utilities for building radio astronomy data analysis pipelines
DiskMINT: Disk Model For INdividual Targets
Driftscan: Drift scan telescope analysis

FastSpecFit: Fast spectral synthesis and emission-line fitting of DESI spectra
FishLSS: Fisher forecasting for Large Scale Structure surveys
FLATW’RM: Finding flares in Kepler data using machine-learning tools
glmnet: Lasso and elastic-net regularized generalized linear models
KeplerFit: Keplerian velocity distribution model fitter

MOOG_SCAT: Scattering Version of the MOOG Line Transfer Code
Nemo: Millimeter-wave map filtering and Sunyaev-Zel’dovich galaxy cluster and source detection
Rapster: Rapid population synthesis for binary black hole mergers in dynamical environments
SIMBI: 3D relativistic gas dynamics code
velocileptors: Velocity-based Lagrangian and Eulerian PT expansions of redshift-space distortions

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