September 2023 additions to the ASCL

Twenty codes were added to the ASCL in September, 2023:

bskit: Bispectra from cosmological simulation snapshots
ChEAP: Chemical Evolution Analytic Package
CoLFI: Cosmological Likelihood-Free Inference
DeepGlow: Neural network emulator for BOXFIT
fitScalingRelation: Fit galaxy cluster scaling relations using MCMC

FRISBHEE: FRIedmann Solver for Black Hole Evaporation in the Early-universe
GWSim: Mock gravitational waves event generator
maszcal: Mass calibrations for thermal-SZ clusters
MATRIX: Multi-phAse Transits Recovery from Injected eXoplanets toolkit
PCOSTPD: Periodogram Comparison for Optimizing Small Transiting Planet Detection

PEREGRINE: Gravitational wave parameter inference with neural ration estimation
PI: Plages Identification
PlanetSlicer: Orange-slice algorithm for fitting brightness maps to phase curves
pymccorrelation: Correlation coefficients with uncertainties
pymcspearman: Monte carlo calculation of Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient with uncertainties

Sprout: Moving mesh finite volume hydro code
StarbugII: JWST PSF photometry for crowded fields
Swiftbat: Utilities for handing BAT instrument data from the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory
TRES: TRiple Evolution Simulation package
UBHM: Uncertainty quantification of black hole mass estimation

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