May 2023 additions to the ASCL

Twenty-five codes were added to the ASCL in May, 2023:

aartfaac2ms: Aartfaac datasets converter
breizorro: Image masking tool
CELEBI: Precision localizations and polarimetric data for fast radio bursts
COLIBRI: Cosmological libraries in Python
DarkMappy: Mapping the dark universe

DDFacet: Facet-based radio imaging package
DP3: Streaming processing pipeline for radio interferometric data
EIDOS: Modeling primary beams of radio astronomy antennas
extrapops: Fast simulation and analysis of extra-galactic binary GW sources
FLAGLET: Fast and exact wavelet transform on the ball

FRIDDA: Fisher foRecast code for combIned reDshift Drift and Alpha
GLASS: Cosmological simulations on the sphere
GrGadget: Evolve metric perturbations in the weak field limit
gw_pta_emulator: Gravitational Waves via Pulsar Timing Arrays
GWSurrogate: Gravitational wave surrogate models

JEDI: James’s EVE Dimming Index
katdal: MeerKAT Data Access Library
KERN: Radio telescope toolkit
killMS: Direction-dependent radio interferometric calibration package
Nextflow: DSL for data-driven computational pipelines

QuartiCal: Fast radio interferometric calibration
simple-m2m: Extensions to the standard M2M algorithm for full modeling of observational data
sterile-dm: Sterile neutrino production
Stimela: Containerized radio interferometry scripting framework
Virtual Telescope: Next-Generation Space Telescope Simulator

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