November 2023 additions to the ASCL

Sixteen codes were added to the ASCL in November, 2023:

CosmoLattice: Lattice simulator of scalar and gauge field dynamics in an expanding universe
FASMA: Stellar spectral analysis package
FPFS: Fourier Power Function Shaplets
Hi-COLA: Cosmological large-scale structure simulator for Horndeski theories

IQRM: IQRM interference flagging algorithm for radio pulsar and transient searches
KvW: Modified Kwee–Van Woerden method for eclipse minimum timing with reliable error estimates
MONDPMesh: Particle-mesh code for Milgromian dynamics
nemiss: Neutrino emission from hydrocode data

NEOexchange: Target and Observation Manager for the Solar System
PIPPIN: Polarimetric Differential Imaging (PDI) pipeline for NACO data
pygwb: Lighweight python stochastic GWB analysis pipeline
RoSSBi3D: Finite volume code for protoplanetary disk evolution study

Special-Blurring: Compare quantum-spacetime foam models to GRB localizations
tensiometer: Test a model until it breaks
VCAL-SPHERE: Hybrid pipeline for reduction of VLT/SPHERE data
wcpy: Wavelength Calibrator

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