ASCL at ADASS XXXIII: Broken bones and improving the visibility and citability of exoplanet research software

ADASS is my favorite conference; it’s so favored that… well, you’ll see …

ADASS was in Tucson this year. I decided to drive from Maryland to Tucson, figuring that was likely my best way to avoid getting/bringing COVID to the conference. It’s too long a drive to do in one day, so I stayed at a campsite outside Claremore, Oklahoma one night. It was lovely! Almost deserted, lots of birds, view of the lake… perfect! But alas, when making my coffee the next morning, I tripped and fell, breaking my right arm and nose and bashing up a few other body parts. I got patched up at a local hospital (excellent care!) and had surgery two days later (more excellent care!). I couldn’t drive, of course, so what to do, what to do? A friend offered to fly to Tulsa and drive me wherever I wanted to go, suggesting “back home” would be best. Where did I want to go? Tucson, of course! I did not want to miss ADASS!! So off to Tucson we went. Once I was deposited in a hotel there, she flew back to her home. (Now that’s a friend!! I’m forever grateful!!)

I gave an oral presentation at ADASS on “Improving the visibility and citability of exoplanet research software,” this about the work the ASCL is doing with NASA’s Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center (EMAC) and ADS. Links to my slides and proceedings pre-print are below.

ADASS did not disappoint! I’m so glad I attended it, and also attended the IVOA meeting immediately after. Everyone was helpful and kind, as I knew they would be. I stayed in Tucson until cleared to drive, and then drove myself the 2300 miles home. Not the trip (hahahaha) I was expecting, but it was the trip that was.

Proceedings paper

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