WE 20210313: This week in the ASCL

This past week, I refined the abstract for a talk I’m giving this coming week at MTU; I also did research into funders’ policies on code release to ensure my knowledge about them is up-to-date, this also for the upcoming presentation.

Four code entries submitted by authors were edited, assigned ASCL IDs, and moved back in production, and fifteen entries were curated. Several entries have had two bibcodes, a result of changes in authorship/author order. If you’ve ever noticed when looking at our dashboard that sometimes, ADS has >100% of ASCL codes, these extra bibcodes are why. I finally devoted time into tracking those down and sending the information on the duplicates to ADS to bring us back into agreement. This is a low-level issue, but it’s nice to get this loose end resolved.

The ASCL and similar efforts in other disciplines have come together to share ideas and work cooperatively in areas of mutual concern; at the moment, the coalition is called SciCodes. My main activities on SciCodes this past week has been getting the next 12 months of meetings scheduled, the schedule sent out, and confirming a presentation for it.

Peripheral to the ASCL, though also mostly because of it, I spent a ridiculous amount of time one day looking at new Macs. The OS on my current MacBook Pro is now too old to allow me log into UMD, which means I cannot access journals through the UMD Libraries on this machine, a critical need for ASCL work. It’s also having some issues, one of which, running hot during Zoom meetings, I have been working around by putting the machine on a bag of frozen mixed veggies. I don’t like upgrading and do it only when I absolutely have to. Do I want two ports or four? Apple’s M1 processor or Intel’s i5 or i7? How much memory, how much storage? And why don’t new MacBooks have SD slots?? A new machine is on its way to me.

This coming week will include the presentation at MTU, work on our NASA project, and the SciCodes meeting.

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