WE20210508: This week in the ASCL

I’m late with this update, the result of taking most of the weekend off from ASCL activities. Activities for the week that was included curation of 26 ASCL entries and staging for three new entries; the list of April additions was also published. We determined dates and times for an ASCL’s Advisory Committee meeting, which is now scheduled for later this month. I have started work on a paper on a year-long project, writing the abstract and outline for the paper and collecting information for specific sections; I hope to be done with the paper by the end of June. On Thursday and Friday, I attended the 11th Summit of Information Providers in Astronomy, Astrophysics and High Energy Physics, which was held virtually this time. It was great to see everyone, and I look forward to meeting again in the future in person! Our NASA ADAP project officially ended on Friday, so that has freed me up to take a little more time off this week to get out into nature.

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